[Soekris] Finally - vpn14x1 support under Linux?

Ulrik Serges ulrik at serges.dk
Wed Mar 14 09:35:48 UTC 2007


on http://www.hifn.com/pressReleases.aspx?id=3040, Hifn announces open 
source support for the 795x processor:

> The project integrates Hifn's 795x algorithm accelerators, as well 
> as the 7855 and 8155 security processors, with Linux and FreeBSD. The 
> project also includes integration with the Openswan IPsec protocol 
> stack. In the open source world, Openswan is viewed as the most 
> advanced and flexible VPN solution. Once complete, the project will 
> provide customers with a ready to use, fully-integrated, hardware
> accelerated, IPsec VPN.
> The work is licensed under free software licensing (BSD). Hifn and 
> Xelerance are working together to have this work incorporated into 
> standard software distributions from FreeBSD and Linux. Until the work 
> is incorporated into standard distributions Hifn will make the code 
> available for download from its extranet site (requires registration) 
> http://extranet.hifn.com/home/.

Has anyone downloaded this and tried to make it work?

Ulrik Serges
ulrik at serges.dk

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