[Soekris] Will a 3.5" HD fit in Net5501+case+pci card?

Otfried Geffert og at geffert-tech.com
Fri Jun 29 09:23:15 UTC 2007

Please, forget it - not in a standard net5501 case.

Even my slimmest 3.5 HD (Maxtor E-H011-02-3427 ) does not fit on top ot
the motherboard, you would have to remove _at least_ the adapter
(Mini-PCI? right behind the console) from the board, because it is too
high. But that woulf deninitely be on your own risk, if you damage the

My conclusion: 
Take a bigger case. You can have a look at kd85.com or even ask Wim.
Take a 2.5" hd (much easier ;-))


Am Donnerstag, den 28.06.2007, 16:21 -0700 schrieb canuck15:
> Can anyone give a difinitive yes or no on this. I want to put in a
> standard 3.5" hard drive in a Net5501+case+PCI card.  There is talk of
> some sort of bracket that hasn't quite shipped yet.  Someone somewhere
> must know what fits and what doesn't.  I know there are slim 3.5"
> drives and 24/7 2.5" drives.  I would like to know if a standard LxWxH
> 3.5" drive will fit one way or another.  Even if I have to make a
> custom bracket or something.  Not worried about power or heat.  I can
> make that work one way or another as long as it fits in the box.
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