[Soekris] What wireless card for OpenBSD 5501 router

David Coppa dcoppa at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 10:14:39 UTC 2007

On 6/26/07, Ralph Becker-Szendy <ralph at lr.los-gatos.ca.us> wrote:

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> This brings up the question: What wireless miniPCI card to pick.  I
> had assumed that Atheros cards are the default that everyone uses;
> Wistron cards are for example available from www.netgate.com.  Does
> this sound like a good idea?  Are there any known issues with Atheros
> cards and OpenBSD?  Transmit power is not a huge issue, as I need to
> only serve as an AP for a medium-size single family wood-framed home.
> However, I'm now seeing that the Atheros card only seems to come in a
> 802.11a/b/g version, and I have absolutely no use for 802.11a, and
> I've heard that 802.11a radios are power hogs (or at least they were
> early on).  Is this really an issue?  Are other wireless cards
> preferable?

I suggest you to go with Ralink (ral(4)): these are by now the best
supported wireless cards on OpenBSD.


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