[Soekris] 1u case + 4801 + RS-232 board?

Neal R neal at lists.rauhauser.net
Mon Jun 25 04:20:40 UTC 2007

     I've in the process of ripping out every single bit of Cisco gear
we have and when that is done I'm going to start on the networks we
maintain. The only bit I'm having trouble with is the terminal server
role currently filled by Cisco 2509/2511 in the various networks.

     I will admit to a desire to have more than just a terminal server -
a proper FreeBSD box with several RS-232 ports and at least two ethernet
interfaces would be an absolute joy. Is there a low power RS-232 card
that would work in the 4801? Where could I get a 1U case that would fit
such a thing?

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