[Soekris] net 5501 finally here!

Mike Tancsa mike at sentex.net
Mon Jun 18 20:05:16 UTC 2007

At 02:54 PM 6/18/2007, Kannaiyan Natesan wrote:

>1. Seen a quality product
>2. Pay money
>3. Send emails whether they have shipped or not (waste of time for the
>business and buyer)
>4. Check website on the shipping status
>5. Atlast Get it !
>I prefer soekris need to reduce to steps 3 rather than step 5.

I would love it if the product came months ago. But things happen, 
sometimes beyond a company's control.  I have no issues with the way 
the product came out. I am sure everyone would like it sooner than 
later, but thats life and I certainly dont assume the worst of them 
because of some delays.  Give them the benefit of the doubt.  Their 
track record in the past has been solid, and I would predict it would 
be solid into the future as well.  Maybe I will be wrong, but I dont 
see any data right now to support a different conclusion.


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