[Soekris] Where can I find a cdma450 mini pci card?

David Dudley DavidDu at cctexas.com
Mon Jun 18 13:34:40 UTC 2007

The Merlin PC720 card works just fine with NetBSD.

A 'cardbus' adapter is required.  I'm using the ELAN P222 (a 2 slot
adapter, the P111 is also available).  I've had problems with some
'clone' manufacturer cards which said they were 'P111' but wouldn't
recognize the PC720.

The PC720 is actually a USB device packaged in a cardbus card.  It
contains a USB hub internally, and should be recognized as such.  If it
isn't, your cardbus adapter doesn't support interrupts from the adapter,

It's device ID isn't wasn't recognized by NetBSD natively, and I had to
modify the support files to recognize it, but after I got it installed
correctly, it works.

David Dudley

>>> RB <aoz.syn at gmail.com> 6/18/2007 8:21 AM >>>
On 6/15/07, Mats Lundqvist <mats.lundqvist at gmail.com> wrote:
> Uh-huh... But I don't know where to get a pcmcia adapter either ;)

Maybe Merlin has something you could use:


I don't know precisely where you could purchase either in Sweden, but
it might be a start.

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