[Soekris] Harddisk Slow

Stuart Henderson stu at spacehopper.org
Wed Jan 31 22:49:53 UTC 2007

On 2007/01/31 23:36, Igor Sobrado wrote:
> Indeed, there are different computers and even operating systems
> in this thread.  Certainly, the PowerEdge 350 is not comparable
> to a net4801, even if the PowerEdge only requires a 75W power
> supply unit.

around 15x the power used by a net4801.

> However, there is a new thread on misc@ (an OpenBSD mailing list)
> about performance problems with pciide on the sparc64 architecture.

I suspect that's interrupt routing with PCI cards in the box,
Sun don't document their chipsets sufficiently (or is that 'at all').
On other sparc64 boxes, pciide works fine. (it may work fine on that
one too with the nic unplugged).

Geode systems don't have a standard PCI setup. They do a lot in
software on the CPU; a Geode 266 has much less i/o throughput than
the average P5-200. That's not a problem though; they are for
doing different things. The net4801 is a low-power system, it
handles routing DSL/wireless/T1 achievable speeds ok (not a huge
amount of headroom in some cases, but hey...look at cisco
processor speed on boxes for doing similar things).

They are good at it; silent, low-power, sensible number of NICs,
decent remote-accessible BIOS. They are not screaming fast high-
power I/O monsters. There are other boxes for that..

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