[Soekris] Corrupted MAC w/VPN1411

Igor Sobrado igor at string1.ciencias.uniovi.es
Fri Jan 26 22:28:48 UTC 2007

Hi Andrew.

Sorry to know you have that challenging problem with the vpn1411.

I have read that Hifn is now providing free access to the technical
documentation on the processors used on that card.  I am not really
sure where is the problem.  Perhaps a software problem (as a consequence
of previous lack of documentation) or a hardware problem with the
accelerator itself.  But it is a real problem since OpenBSD 3.6 or,
perhaps, 3.7.

Hope that the vpn1461 will work better with this superb operating
system and that a patch for the vpn1411 will be available very soon.

I am sorry for not having better news,

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