[Soekris] net4511 GPIO

Stanislav Meduna stano at meduna.org
Wed Oct 26 08:48:16 UTC 2005

Jon Burford wrote:

> I am running a kernel and have compiled
> Stanislav Meduna’s 2.6 GPIO driver
> (http://www.meduna.org/sw_gpio_en.html) against this
> kernel.  “depmod –a” returns no errors, but when I try
> to install the module with “modprobe gpio”, I get the
> following error:
> FATAL: Error inserting gpio
> (/lib/modules/
> Invalid module format
> Has anyone seen this before or know what might be
> causing it?

Most probably the compilation failed somehow, or maybe
the flags used to build the kernel were significantly
different than the flags used to build the driver.

I only saw this error when experimenting and trying
to load .o instead of .ko or something like that...

What does
  file /lib/modules/
say and what is the size of the file?


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