[Soekris] CF Master/Slave issue workaround on 4801

Zac Bowling zac at zacbowling.com
Sun Oct 23 05:21:26 UTC 2005

yeah. Exactly.. a lot has been on the mailing about bad CF cards that
always force to being slave, but if you do that you can get around it
and boot right off your slave.

I got around it by setting up the bios to boot from 81 first and boot
strapping lilo so it would install on the device but with with the
root as /dev/hdb.. seems to solve it all.

 Pebble (and similar) I wish would update their install scripts to let
you choose the name of the root drive but I can send you instructions
to do it manually.


On 10/21/05, Phil Karn <karn at ka9q.net> wrote:
> Zac Bowling wrote:
> > Don't throw away those CF cards yet. I managed to get around the issue
> > of some of CF cards booting as slave thanks to the new firmware and a
> > lilo fix for linux users. Its only requires changing the boot order in
> > the firmware and setting your lilo to boot off your slave (in my case
> > /dev/hdb). Pretty easy.
> Which problem is this? Is it the same one I encountered tonight on a
> net4801 booting Linux from a Lexar 64MB CF card?
> When I booted from device 80 (primary drive on ide0), Linux loaded but
> eventually panicked as being unable to mount its root drive, which it
> expected to find at /dev/hda1. When it scanned the IDE bus, it found a
> drive at /dev/hdb1, which is the secondary drive on ide0.
> This happened even though I have "FLASH=Primary" set in the BIOS. I
> installed ComBIOS 1.28, so I should be up to date.
> I'm also having trouble even booting the flash card in the first place.
> Even though I have BootDrive = 80 81 F0 FF, it invokes the PXE boot
> first. When that fails, I manually invoke "boot 80" and Linux comes up,
> only to panic when it can't find its root drive.
> Is this the same problem you're describing?

Zac Bowling

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