[Soekris] CF Master/Slave issue workaround on 4801

Phil Karn karn at ka9q.net
Fri Oct 21 07:38:07 UTC 2005

Zac Bowling wrote:
> Don't throw away those CF cards yet. I managed to get around the issue 
> of some of CF cards booting as slave thanks to the new firmware and a 
> lilo fix for linux users. Its only requires changing the boot order in 
> the firmware and setting your lilo to boot off your slave (in my case 
> /dev/hdb). Pretty easy. 

Which problem is this? Is it the same one I encountered tonight on a 
net4801 booting Linux from a Lexar 64MB CF card?

When I booted from device 80 (primary drive on ide0), Linux loaded but 
eventually panicked as being unable to mount its root drive, which it 
expected to find at /dev/hda1. When it scanned the IDE bus, it found a 
drive at /dev/hdb1, which is the secondary drive on ide0.

This happened even though I have "FLASH=Primary" set in the BIOS. I 
installed ComBIOS 1.28, so I should be up to date.

I'm also having trouble even booting the flash card in the first place. 
Even though I have BootDrive = 80 81 F0 FF, it invokes the PXE boot 
first. When that fails, I manually invoke "boot 80" and Linux comes up, 
only to panic when it can't find its root drive.

Is this the same problem you're describing?

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