[Soekris] Squid on 4801

Zac Bowling zac at zacbowling.com
Thu Oct 20 03:15:47 UTC 2005

I've got my 4801 with an intel 2915abg, 40gb hd and 1 gig cf card for
the OS with a almost completely recompiled Debian sarge based install
(with a few custom and sid debs) compiled against uclibc. I built with
-O2 in most cases and for 586 with MMX as much possible, and I've
replace out the coreutils with symlinks to busybox hosted utils. I've
done just about all the optomization I can do.

I'm wondering if there is enough processing power to run a full blown
squid install and store the cache on the 40gb?? Maybe even a selective
caching system as well (for blocking ads right in the proxy by
filtering the content stream). I was thinking about transcoding images
but I decided against it since by the time it gets to this device the
image would have to already been downloaded once. I'm just thinking
that I could deploy a soekris on different teirs of my network to do
caching for the different parts of the company (like the legal
department who pulls massive XSL files from an ftp all day, and the
custom care department that is loading tons of search pages from an
webbased offsite help center system, or IT who download windows
patches like mad men all day). I'm just worried that the bus and CPU
might get a little bit over worked. I'm thinking formatting it ext2 so
there will be no journal since I really don't need one since only it
only slows it down. Not worried the drive gets hosed in a power
failure because if it fails I can always recreate it on reboot in the
init scripts.

Anyone have any experience or ideas?

Zac Bowling

I support Mozilla Firefox.

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