[Soekris] Sending commands to Soekris from Linux

Ted Phelps phelps at gnusto.com
Fri Oct 14 07:14:21 UTC 2005

Joo Ghee writes:
> I have a Soekris net4521 which I am trying to control using a
> null-cable connected to the console port.  I used gtkterm on linux and
> can see the Pebble Linux boot up after some gibberish text.  However,
> I am unable to issue any command at the login prompt.  For your info,
> the null-cable is connected to my laptop via a usb-serial port
> converter (not sure if that's the problem).

The gibberish text before the Linux boot is likely to be the BIOS
running at a different baud rate.  You might want to get Linux and the
BIOS to use the same rate.

> I can control Soekris from Windows running hyperterminal, so I guess
> there must be some things in gtkterm that I must configure.

My guess would be that you have either hardware or software flow
control enabled.  Both should be off.


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