[Soekris] AVM A1 Passive ISDN Card

Bernd Walter ticso at cicely12.cicely.de
Wed Oct 12 00:41:36 UTC 2005

On Wed, Oct 12, 2005 at 12:59:16AM +0200, Alex Bihlmaier wrote:
> Hi,
> anyone tried this ISDN pci card in a soekris box?

I hope not, because your picture shows a 5V PCI card, which doen't
fit in the 3.3V slot of a Soekris board.

> I use a net4801 and after powering it on with the plugged pci card
> L13 near the CF slot gets quite hot and the system cuts it of from the
> electricity.
> a pic of the mentioned card:
> http://www.kallisti.de/users/thalunil/bilder/avm.jpg
> written on it:
> AVM ISDN Felix ME2

A 3.3V capable card has a notch near the slot blend, yours only has
the 5V notch at the other end.

> that's why its not possible for me now to use this card with a soekris
> net4801.

You must have inserted it reversed in the slot and ignored the warnings
in the Soekris Handbook.
Be happy if your 4801 and card survived that - others had not so
much luck.

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