[Soekris] Ubiquity 400mW mini-PCI

Matt Buford matt at overloaded.net
Fri Oct 7 18:03:06 UTC 2005

I have a point to point link using these cards with a 4801 running in master 
mode (power supply 31311210) on one side and a 4521 (power supply 31954804 
PoE) on the other side.  As far as I can tell they seem to get enough power.

This was an upgrade from running senao 200mw cards in the same system. 
Strangely, the signal does not seem to be notably better.  I do not have 
line of sight and actually bounce my signal off a 30+ story residential 
building.  In both cases it works ok most of the time but is prone to "bad 
days" where the signal seems to fade.  During that time large packets get 
dropped while smaller packets tend to make it through.  I had hoped the 
400mw card would help me power through whatever noise was causing the issue 
but it doesn't seem to have change much.

I had moderate stability problems of the 4521 end all along.  After 
upgrading to the 400mw card, that system became even more unstable and then 
one day mysteriously wouldn't boot at all and just scrolled a LILO error 
nonstop.  I ended up replacing the 4521 with another identical board I had 
lying around and this made it boot right up and all stability problems were 

I suspect that specific 4521 board has been marginally bad all along, which 
would explain the stability issues I was never able to iron out.  However, 
to be honest I have not had time to further play with the questionable board 
to try to figure out what is really going on.

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> Hi All,
> I am new to this forum, and been looking for some answer about what 
> Soekris board can support Ubiquity 400mW mini-PCI Cards.
> I've been using net4511 and net4521 as my wlan base, now i have 6 AP 
> running on 4521 and around 30 dedicated wireless client using 4511.
> For next installation i would like to use 400mW mini-pci from ubiquity 
> networks.
> I have read on th web (by googling) that net 4526 (dual mini-PCI) is 
> recomended, but is net 4511 can be used too ?
> how about implementation using 802.11b 200mW pcmcia and 400mW Mini-PCI on 
> one 4511 board, is it possible ?
> Thanks for any answer,
> PS: sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language :)
> Iwan Kilis
> Kawanua Networks ISP
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