[Soekris] Time won't stay

Chad Phillips chad at chadphillips.org
Sat Oct 1 20:51:47 UTC 2005

Running "hwclock --systohc" , as Ryan suggested, fixed the problem.  
Thanks for everyones help.


Randy B wrote:

> Michael Sierchio wrote:
>> Could you possibly be a little more vague?   I mean, it's more fun
>> to guess at these things if you don't mention which OS/ver you're
>> using, etc.
> Could you possibly be a little more of an ass?  I mean, really - we 
> don't have enough out on the web; the elitist pig population has 
> really dropped lately.  It's more fun for those less knowledgeable 
> (hence asking a question) to guess at what exactly we need to help 
> them out.
> Way to go.  This is precisely the reason the "cost of entry" to this 
> knowledge is regarded as so high by those interested - they see 
> assclowns like you pissing all over other newbies' shoes and back out, 
> figuring they don't want to deal with you.  Cretin.
> RB
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