[Soekris] usb video card for net4521

Harald Kubota hkubota at gmx.net
Sun Nov 27 04:37:00 UTC 2005

Stuart Henderson wrote:
>>> one used a usb video card like the Tritton SEE2 or the USB  
>>> Gear USBG-SVGA2?
>>> http://www.trittontechnologies.com/products/TRIUV100.htm
>>> http://www.usbgear.com/USBG-SVGA2.html
I've got one of those USB2-to-VGA things working on another, completely 
unrelated small computer with no
VGA with a completely unrelated CPU (SH4).
Linux 2.6.14 supports that USB2-to-VGA things, even console mode works 
when you supply the correct
module parameters. It does need USB2 though.

Given that both CPUs are compareable in performance (I'd assume 4521 is 
about half as fast),
I'd say that should work fine on a 4521. Don't expect to be able to play 
video on those though.
But for mostly static display, it works surprisingly well. The worst 
thing I found is when you try
to move a windows including its contents. Then the limited speed shows.
For X there's a special sisusb driver out there.

> No mention of drivers for X, and you won't get text-console from a Soekris
> anyway.
I would expect it to work as fine.


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