[Soekris] reset button

Jim Cromie jcromie at divsol.com
Thu Mar 17 15:28:29 UTC 2005

Wim Vandeputte wrote:

>Dear James,
>all the more recent produced 4501, 4521, 4526, 4826 and 4801 have a  little
>reset button onboard (usally close to the ethernet port). It could be
>that your 4801 predates that introduction.
>I have not seen a 4511 with such a button though but that could be just
>a matter of time.
The button is a hole into which you push a paperclip.

Ive shaped a clip so that 1 end is in the hole, but not pressing the 
button itself,
the clip is bent around the bottom edge of the box,
and the other end is hooked onto one of the vent-holes on the bottom.

An s-bend in the middle of the clip takes up the slack, and keeps the 2 
ends locked in place.
Its now easy/convenient to hit reset.

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