[Soekris] [net4801] IDE

zags06 zags06 at free.fr
Fri Mar 4 13:53:58 UTC 2005

>What's the question exactly ?
>Hd power supply :
>If you're using 2,5" drive, the connector supplies power for the hd, if
>you're using a 3,5" drive, you need a standard power plug.
this case.

> zags> Is it possible to plug TWO hards drives on the IDE port ?
> zags> Is the processor work when data come from LAN (read or write) ? 
> zags> Is the processor work if data come from another local hard drive
> zags> ? (in the case of TWO hards drives)
>Read ata specs, but iirc ATA interfaces involve cpu during transfers
>Éric Masson

What about my ask for SATA ? :-)

I should want to have a mini-server/firewall, fanless and robust

its work will be also BACKUP. So, a CF for /, and Hard Drive for /home 
(and perhaps [swap]).
So i need to have lot of Go (or GB) ;-)
Go (or GB) are more expensive on 2.5" hard drive and max 100-120GB .. 
and less robust (is it the good word? :-) ).
On 3.5", IDE, you can have max 400GB (is the net4801 can use this?). But 
if you want more, you need to use 2 hard drive
Also i thought about SATA pci card (plug into net4801). Perhaps cpu 
works less... and perhaps there should be less problem for lot of GB.

(Today my needs are less than 400GB, but tomorrow perhaps more..)

Thanks for you help for my project.


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