[Soekris] PCI connector

Chad Phillips chad at chadphillips.org
Mon Jun 20 01:43:50 UTC 2005

Tim Barker wrote:

> Hi Chad,
> Looking at a picture of the board on ebay 
> (http://i18.ebayimg.com/04/i/04/4e/08/5f_1_b.JPG), it looks like this 
> is a custom board, the PCI connector was never soldered on. Soekris 
> will make cut down versions with components missing if you buy in 
> quantity, looks like this board is probably a left over from a large 
> custom batch. If this is the case you're out of luck as these will 
> need to be machine soldered into place (too complex for manual 
> soldering). Best thing is probably to put the 4501 back on to Ebay 
> (say with linux installed so you get a bit more cash) and buy directly 
> from soekris.
> Hope this helps,
> Tim

Oh man, that is not what I wanted to hear.  That is exactly the board I 
bought.  Short of re-selling it and buying a new one, any other ideas on 
how to get USB going on this board? 


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