[Soekris] Extending I/O with a PIC18F*

Paul Komarek komarek at cmu.edu
Tue Jun 7 15:54:49 UTC 2005

Stuart Henderson wrote:
> --On 07 June 2005 09:54 -0400, Paul Komarek wrote:
>> Soeren, have you ever considered building an SBC with 4, 8, or 16
>> serial ports?  We pay a bundle to Cyclades for these at work, and in
>> general the market value is high.
> I'm very happy with my multiport USB-console box from bwct.de (even if I
> do need a FreeBSD box to run it for now :-) and there's various other
> kit that might be of interest to Soekris users. I'm not sure if Bernd
> ships outside Europe, though.

Thanks for the link!  That's the best price I've ever seen on 6 serial
ports -- well, I should check the euro->dollar rate before making that
claim. =-)

Unfortunately, my net4501 doesn't have USB or free expansion slots.
I'll bookmark this for later.  I can always have European friends order
one for me, if necessary.

I still believe that Soeren might find another market in terminal
servers.  His boards are extremely reliable, which is the most important


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