[Soekris] gpio driver test problem

rjrpaz@efn.uncor.edu rjrpaz at efn.uncor.edu
Tue Jul 5 22:06:40 UTC 2005


   I'm trying Martin Hejl's driver in a 4501 Soekris, 128MB CF, Debian based
mini-distribution. I've compiled the drivers in kernel version 2.4.31. The
driver compiled OK, just a few warnings . When I start to write values in the
/proc/drivers/soekris_gpio file (all pins configured as outputs), and I read
them, I didn't get the same values I wrote (especially with pin gpioO and
gpio7). I ran drivertest and I get some "not ok" results as well.

   Anyone had this kind of behavior with that driver before?.

   Thank you in advance.

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