[Soekris] Re: OpenBSD disk activity

David Courtney blixel at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 05:03:49 UTC 2005

Regarding the OpenBSD 3.7 disk activity light.

Hopefully I'm not jinxing myself here - though I don't believe in
jinxes anyway.  But ...

It may be too soon to say with 100% certainty, but I think simply
unplugging the soekris box from the electrical outlet and plugging it
back in has solved my disk activity light problem.  I had done one or
two soft reboots when I was noticing the light issue, but within a
couple of hours after the soft reboot, the light would come back on
and stay on.

Yesterday morning I had to physically unplug my Soekris box so I could
move it.  It was unplugged for about 1 hour.  It has now been running
for 33 hours and the disk activity light is behaving ... so far.  And
I've been working with the box all day.

I removed an unused package from the system and everything was fine. 
Whereas the other day when I ran pkg_delete on an unneeded package,
the light never went off even after pkg_delete was finished.

I have experienced other strange phenomena with the Soekris boxes that
have been solved by unplugging and replugging, so I wouldn't be
totally surprised if that was the solution for this scenario as well.

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