[Soekris] installing lan1641 in a server

Wim Vandeputte bunbun at kd85.com
Sun Jan 23 16:31:08 UTC 2005

Dear David,

The lan1641 actually ships with a fitting bracket:


And the lan1621 ships with a full height and low profile bracket:


If you ever intend to screw the cards into a soekris case like the 4801
with 5 ports or a custom case (like 
http://soekris.kd85.com/images/tn/DSC02458.JPG.html), remove the bracket,
insert it in the removed 4501 or 4801 board, slide both in the
case and fasten the screws:


To prevent the board from making contact with the case, use a small rubber



On Sat, Jan 22, 2005 at 04:23:32PM -0600, David Young wrote:
> I need to add at least six ethernet ports to a Dell server.  I would
> like to use two lan1641s for the purpose.  It looks like the lan1641
> is missing the metal bracket/plate that attaches to the server chassis.
> Am I going to have trouble securing it inside the server?
> Dave
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