[Soekris] Strange problem with net4801

Henry Spencer henry at spsystems.net
Thu Jan 20 04:40:33 UTC 2005

On Thu, 20 Jan 2005, Horst Laschinsky wrote:
> 1.) I still do not understand, how this noise can be triggered by
>     the application layer protocol (as I said, in my case: scp).

As I said in my earlier posting, ground problems can cause *very* strange
symptoms.  In particular, it can be protocol-specific, because different
protocols can send packets at different rates or in different patterns,
and that can change things like how much current the line drivers are
pushing into the cable.  In normal operation, something like that doesn't
matter, but what happens when you've got a grounding problem depends so
much on so many details that even something this small can affect it. 

(I can't explain this particular effect in detail, but I have seen enough
weird things to check for grounding problems immediately when a data link
is doing bizarre, inexplicable things.)

                                                          Henry Spencer
                                                       henry at spsystems.net

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