[Soekris] Dammit, the watchdog doesn't work again!!!!!!

Support support at WillitsOnline.com
Thu Jan 20 00:43:50 UTC 2005


On my 4801, the watchdog driver (linux + patched kernel watchdog 
driver), fails to reset the device. This is the same code that I'd found 
necessary to implement when going from 4511 to 4521 and 4526, the stock 
linux watchdog driver would fail to reset these later devices but the 
modified version (using some initialization + gp echo mode fixups) would 
do all of them. So now I can take this cf from the 4801 and stick it in 
a 4511 and all works as expected, so I really think it's got something 
to do with the hardware (or possibly, some strange bios time config, but 
I really looked over AMD's documents and couldn't find anything that the 
bios would have done or could do that would override the setup the wd 
code does).

As an aside, that cf I'm referring to, when it's in the 4511 the system 
sees it as the ide primary master, but when I put it in the 4801, it's 
seen as the ide primary slave.  What is up with that? Forced me to add 
more smarts to my code to probe more for devices before mounting root.....

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