[Soekris] NET4801 interrupt problem under high package load

Florian Hars hars at bik-gmbh.de
Wed Jan 19 16:07:26 UTC 2005


   i used flashdist for OpenBSD 3.6 to build a routing firewall. It works more
or less, but if send a lot of traffic through it, I get about 20Mbit/s maximum, 
the console is totally unresponsive, and the CPU spends about 99.8% in
interrupt processing.  If the watchdog is enabled, the box will reboot after a

All three interfaces are configured and up (so this is not the interrupt
problem that happened around 3.4), and it happens on two different boards,
so it is probably not hardware related.

Any hints?

Yours, Florian.

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