[Soekris] Occational startup issue with OpenBSD

Justin Krejci jus at krytosvirus.com
Tue Jan 11 05:48:09 UTC 2005


you could simply put

boot bsd

in your boot.conf to force it to boot the kernel. Or whatever other kernel you 
may have.

my soekris boot.conf

set tty com0
stty com0 19200
boot bsd

On Monday 10 January 2005 10:49 pm, Peter Bako wrote:
> I've setup and deployed a number of the Net4501 units using OpenBSD.  So
> far I have not had any major issues with any of them, hardware or software,
> though recently I've started to see an odd issue with my personal one. 
> What happens is that occasionally when I reboot my firewall (hard or soft
> restart), it loads up the BIOS, launches OpenBSD then sits at the boot
> prompt waiting for a carriage return before it continues!  Once I attach a
> terminal and give it its return the OS boots normally and the firewall
> works great.  Usually for OpenBSD (and other *nix's I assume) when during
> startup this prompt comes up, it waits for a few seconds to see if you want
> to specify any parameters then it simply moves on.  So what am I missing? 
> This particular unit is running OpenBSD 3.4 (as is two others I currently
> have out there).  Relevant files are:
> $ more boot.conf
> set tty com0
> stty com0 19200
> $ cat ttys |more
> console "/usr/libexec/getty std.19200"          vt220   on secure
> Thanks!!
> Peter
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