[Soekris] prism2 card with flashable firmware for use in 4501?

Richard Johnson rdump at river.com
Mon Jan 10 00:29:27 UTC 2005

At 20:27 -0600 on 2005-01-08, David Young wrote:
> That's not true, I've upgraded a DWL-520 before.  There is a Windows
> program for the purpose.

The ones I found would not recognize either DWL-520, hence my call to
D-Link's unfortunate contractors in India.  (Those guys should go on strike
until they get better scripted answers...)

Thanks for the netgate.com ref.  The links in the <http://www.netgate.com/>
support FAQ were helpful.  Relevant updates, with different versions than
I'd been able to find starting cold from google, are at:


FreeBSD and Linux can load firmware at boot.  However, I desire other
OpenBSD features (fairly -current pf/pfsync) that are usually harder to do
in FreeBSD.

> Just curious, but why not consider a non-Prism2 card?  The CPU
> utilization will be less, and virtually any other card will probably be
> more featureful.

Mostly it's a lack of familiarity and perhaps drivers/driver features.
What other cards offer (preferrably under FreeBSD or OpenBSD) the ability
to not include the SSID in beacons, and the ability to ignore clients
asking for the ANY SSID?  That's all I'm trying to add to the net4501
setups I'm currently using.


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