[Soekris] ConMute option in the 4801 bios?

Jordan Share jshare at krotus.com
Tue Jan 4 17:48:07 UTC 2005

Jim Cromie wrote:


> Im curious, did you update your bios, and if so, did it fix the
> screen-spew ?


> I requested a few features, which he's considering.
> one of which is NOCONSOLE, which was intended to
> be a work-around for the escape-sequences put in by the
> video emulation.
> If the bios has fixed that problem, I should scratch that
> off the request-list b4 he goes and implements it.
> But I dont have my box at hand to try upgrading myself currently.

I've upgraded mine to 1.26. The pxelinux stuff does look "better" (you 
can read some stuff) but it is still unusable.

NOCONSOLE would be awesome.  I currently use a version of pxelinux.0 
that Dave Johnson posted a URL to.  It does not output to the console, 
only serial.


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