[Soekris] Board dimensions

Trevor gpu088 at vtnet.ca
Tue Jan 4 05:07:26 UTC 2005

On Monday 03 January 2005 19:10, Seth Rothenberg wrote:
> As long as we are making suggestions, it would be
> nice if the case could be assembled easily.
> What I mean is, the grooves on the (45xx) case don't interlock
> until it is almost closed (haven't seen 48xx case yet).

I find the net4801's case... awkward. Not difficult, not annoying, or 
anything like that (I'm just glad they had an option to purchase a 
case!). But still, awkward none-the-less. I wonder if all the cases are 
more or less the same? (I only have a net4801)

> Of course, I realize that every change and/or option
> adds either to the development or production cost....
> Maybe simple punch-outs would be cheaper to produce.

Ha ha :-)
My thoughts exactly. Punch-outs but with a cover to keep the dust out.

Best regards,

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