[Soekris] ConMute option in the 4801 bios?

Jim Cromie jcromie at divsol.com
Mon Jan 3 18:03:23 UTC 2005

Steven R. Brudenell wrote:

>>>Just to clarify, I do have the speed set properly, etc. on the serial 
>>>port.  I don't have flakey hardware, the serial port works find as a 
>>>terminal after the OS loads (and in the BIOS itself).  I have manually 
>>>set the speed to 9600 on the BIOS, and am using that speed in the 
>>>pxelinux config file, and for the kernel console, and for getty.  I'm 
>>>just getting odd effects when the bootloader runs.
>I encountered this problem before. H. Peter Avin (author of sys/iso/pxelinux) gave me the answer that it was improper handling of serial i/o on the part of the soekris' bios. I haven't checked yet, but the release notes for comBIOS 1.26 seem to promise a fix for this problem, so you should probably try upgrading to that.
>Incidentally, this is the reason why bios update announcements would be nice :)

Im curious, did you update your bios, and if so, did it fix the
screen-spew ?

per the bios changelog, 1.26 appears to have addressed this,
   * improved int10/int16 serial console emulater

but I havent tried updating mine recently. ('download -' apparently helps)

> I was able to update my net4801's BIOS from 1.26 (I think) to 1.27a 
using minicom. It seems that the trick is to type "download -" on the
soekris instead of just "download".

BTW - syslinux 3.01 is out, and it includes EXTLINUX,
a bootloader that works off of your ext2/3 filesystem.
its verry nice.

I requested a few features, which he's considering.
one of which is NOCONSOLE, which was intended to
be a work-around for the escape-sequences put in by the
video emulation.

If the bios has fixed that problem, I should scratch that
off the request-list b4 he goes and implements it.

But I dont have my box at hand to try upgrading myself currently.


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