[Soekris] Board dimensions

Cole Frank Contr AFRL/IFGC Frank.Cole at rl.af.mil
Sat Jan 1 19:15:28 UTC 2005

Hi Soren,

Thanks for a quick reply.

> Yes, the net4526 and net4826 fit the same case.

Excellent...  we'll get an 4826 order together pretty soon.

> That case sounds interesting, can you tell more about it?

Not sure where to start.  Since a picture is worth 1K words, I'll send some
The ones we had made are all black, but my modling guy says that he will do
pretty much any color he can get the engineering grade resins for.  The case
fits the 4526/4826 very tight and has all of the same openings as the steel
case (LEDs, serial, etc.) including dual antenna holes.  It also has a
insert in the front (assuming the led side is the front) for OEM branding or
whatever.  The whole thing snaps together like a clam shell and is secured
with screws that also accomodate wall mounting loops that he also made for
us.  The 4526/4826 board snaps in place rather than being screwed down.

Incidentally, he also made a few cases for the 4521s.  If you have some
fully populated but otherwise dead boards of your other models, Im sure he
could make cases for those as well.  I've already got him primed to do a
case for the 4801.

> And, as many here probably would like to know, can we get them too?

The mold that the molders made for us is a temporary mold for low volume
(less than 500).  He says that if there is enough interest that he'll cut a
full production mold.  I havent been able to get a hold of him (because of
the holdiday) to verify what "enough interest" means.  Im pretty sure its
something like 5000 cases or so.  I will speak with him on Monday.


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