[Soekris] Temperature Issues

Bob Bishop rb at gid.co.uk
Mon Dec 12 18:13:34 UTC 2005


At 17:59 12/12/2005, selfabuse at selfabuse.net wrote:
>I was hoping I could rack everybodys brain here for a moment. I have a
>net4521 that is currently acting as a wireless AP for the corporate park I
>work in. It's mounted in a NEMA enclosure out in the center of the park.
>I'm up in PA, and it's started to snow over the past week - Temperatures
>at night have been in the single digits (Farenheit). From about 5:30pm to
>about 9am all our wireless customers keep bouncing up and down. As best I
>can tell, it's because the temperature drops below the recommended
>operating temperature for the board. Does anyone have any experience with
>keeping these little guy heated? The whole setup right now is running off
>of a 12v deep cycle battery, so adding a heater isn't really an option.

You should also consider that battery performance will be way down at 
those temperatures. Cellphone base stations are typically equipped 
with heaters to keep the (standby) batteries warm.

>  We
>were thinking of putting it in a smaller plastic enclosure inside the NEMA
>case and finding some kind of temperature monitor that would run on it,
>and kick on a little 12v dome light to heat up the plastic enclosure when
>the temperature hit about freezing. I just wanted to see if anyone else
>has run to similar issues so I don't duplicate efforts.
>Ross Logan
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