[Soekris] Testing USB port

Roland Mas roland at placard.fr.eu.org
Sun Apr 24 20:24:40 UTC 2005

Johan Dahlberg, 2005-04-24 19:27:49 +0200 :

> According to the specs at
> http://www.sagem.com/pdf/produits/reseaux-adsl/fast800.pdf this
> modem is host-powered and i'm quite sure a soekris box will have a
> hard time delivering enough current to keep the modem happy.

  Hmm.  Interesting idea, I hadn't thought about that, although I'd be
surprised if it were the cause of my problem: said Soekris and modem
had been working flawlessly for three months.

  [/me fetches USB hub with external power supply]

  Nope.  Not better.  Thanks for the idea though.

  Any other suggestions?

Roland Mas

Luck, like a Russian car, generally only works if you push it.
  -- Regalian, in My Hero (Tom Holt)

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