[Soekris] Worried about heat! (NET4801 and large hdd)

Matthew Flint soekris at matthewspam1.org.uk
Tue Apr 19 10:29:14 UTC 2005

Dear all,

I've been reading the list archives with interest about heat issues and failing

My intention is to get a NET4801 with standard Soekris case, fit a large
hard-drive, fill the disk with music in flac format and run slimserver. (See
http://www.slimdevices.com/). I'd also like to run an IMAP server for storing

So the drive will be accessed in short bursts (when retrieving mail, and
responding to IMAP queries), and in long stretches (when playing music).

I'm worried about the heat effects from fitting a 100Gb hard-disk. Drives I've

Fujitsu MHU2100AT: 100Gb, 8Mb cache, 4200rpm
Hitachi Travelstar 4K80-80: 80Gb, 8Mb cache, 4200rpm
Toshiba MK1031GAS: 100Gb, 8Mb cache, 4200rpm
Fujitsu Automotive - heat-tolerant, sadly only available up to 20Gb :-(
Hitachi Endurastar - heat-tolerant, only up to 30Gb :-(

Any advice?


I've also seen people mentioning fitting extra ventilation and even fans to cool
the box. Questions: does passive ventilation work well enough? Is there room
inside the standard Soekris case for a fan? Is there room for a
temperature-controlled fan?

Thanks in advance for your advice - I hope I'm worrying over nothing!


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