[Soekris] [4826] Linux, Voltage, temp, gpio etc.

Fabrice Delambre fabrice.delambre at free.fr
Fri Apr 15 13:54:59 UTC 2005


I really need to be able to monitor temp and voltage on my net4826
cards, but can't find anything working (linux 2.4.x)

This driver http://soekris.hejl.de/ works fine on 4801, but not on
4826 (which seems logical as the 4826 has no PC87366)

According to http://phk.freebsd.dk/soekris/ , the 4826 temp sensor is a
LM75ADP, but lmsensors doesn't detect it.

Does anybody have ideas how to make things work ?
I could adapt drivers sources, but I'm not really into the
electronic stuff so I don't really understand gpio connection values
and so.

Fabrice Delambre <fabrice.delambre at linux-services.fr>
1024D/A1F36DC9 : 19FF 07C5 52AD F5E5 111B 2340 DFED B2DF A1F3 6DC9                             

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