[Soekris] serial port problems

Jonathan Eisch jonathan.d.eisch at uwrf.edu
Fri Apr 15 01:25:27 UTC 2005

On Apr 14, 2005, at 1:56 PM, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> The driver chip is a "smart" type which saves power by shutting
> down whenever there is nothing connected to it.
> You need to put a voltage on one of the input pins before it will
> put anything on the output pins.

I'm curious if this also applies to the 4801, as I have a daq system 
that I can't get my soekris board to talk to over serial using the same 
software as I've used under linux and Mac OS X.  It doesn't use any 
flow control, if that makes any difference.  Might I have a serial chip 
that's shutting down when I don't want it to?


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