[Soekris] Building LFS for the 4526

Ted Phelps phelps at gnusto.com
Wed Apr 13 16:31:11 UTC 2005

Andrew Hodel may have said:
> I am about to start an LFS (linux from scratch) build for the 4526 in 
> hopes of having a usable distribution.
> Can anyone offer me any pointers, patches, things to look for that might 
> make this easier?

I've performed a similar exercise on a net4801.  I found it useful to
use tftpboot and nfsroot to build the system on a Linux workstation
and test it on the device.

Once that's working properly, you can use cpio to bundle it up into
one file, move that into the NFS area.  You can then use mke2fs, cpio
and lilo/grub/etc on your 4526 to do the installation.


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