[Soekris] Power consumption of 4526/4826

Cain Hopwood cain at epage.com.au
Tue Apr 12 01:59:43 UTC 2005

I'm running 2 4526's off a solar powered setup. Each has 2 Wireless cards in
it and they seem to use about 300mA each at 12.5V. That's based on the solar
regulator's stats.

I don't think the power of the wireless card makes much of a difference, one
has 200mw cards in it, and at 12V that is only 10mA. I haven't seen any big
difference in battery usage due to traffic. But I'm only probably putting 10
gig a month over them as that's my internet connection cap.

L&K Cain

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In message <200504111908.14838.vh at ov.ingv.it>, Vax Headroom writes:
>   Hi...
>I'd like to use one of the board in the subject to make a low power 
>wireless to wireless bridge... I haven't found on the soekris site 
>(but even in the old messages on this forum) any info (but also any 
>datasheet) about the power consumption of such boards: anyone of you 
>has any idea about this ??? I mean, about the power consumption of 
>the "bare" board and an average consumption of the board with both 
>the slot occupied...

It depends a lot on how much work the CPU has to do and it depends
a lot on the transmitted power of the wireless cards.

I have been trying to measure some "typical" numbers in order to
give people som "rule of thumb" numbers to go from, but it is
tricky to get some measurements than have actual meaning.

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