[Soekris] National Semiconductor DP83815 Drivers & Linux Kernel 2.6

Matt Ryanczak matt at planetfoo.org
Mon Apr 11 14:14:47 UTC 2005

> 	I've created a Linux distro (AstLinux) for running Asterisk - The Open 
> Source PBX - from a 32mb CF card, with focus on the Soekris Net4801 and 
> other i586-MMX compatible SBCs and generic PCs.  The 2.6 kernel appears 
> more and more attractive for my distro, but I cannot use it on the 
> Net4801 because of the short-cable problems.  (Every patch to natsemi.c 
> that I could find did not work nearly as well as the MacPhyter II 1.52D 
> driver from NS).

I thought the short cable was solved a long time ago. I run kernel 2.6
and asterisk on a 4801 and I never have had any issues with the ethernet
interfaces using the stock 2.6 driver. This box is pretty low volume
though as it runs my home phone system but what load it does handle it
handles very well. Am I wrong about the short cable problem going away?
If it's still there what are the symptoms I should be looking for (other
than my wife telling me the phone system is "broken")


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