[Soekris] I don't see the console

Andrew Kopeyko kaa at rambler-co.ru
Thu Apr 7 14:18:43 UTC 2005

On Thu, 7 Apr 2005, Kiraly Istvan wrote:

> I'm a beginner trying to start a soekris net4521.
> I would like to connect through the serial console. I have it set to
> 19200-8-N-1
> I see the BIOS, then a line printed by LILO but then it switches to
> gibberish (hieroglyphs).

Seems like speed of COM port was changed during the boot process

Maybe downgrading speen to 9600 in BIOS would help...

> Any idea what should I set to see normal characters?
> Thanks,
> Istvan.

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