[Soekris] -SOLVED- PCI Probe on Net4801

jonr@ninestar.com jonr at ninestar.com
Fri Sep 17 22:40:03 UTC 2004

Quoting jonr at ninestar.com:

> Hello list,
> I am having a problem installing IPCop on a Net4801....still. :)
> I have applied the patch for my kernel from the support website that fixes
> 3
> problems with the Linux kernel. 1. Adds support for the MX/Geode processor
> 2.
> Adds the watchdog device and 3. Fixes the PCI scan(Does it?)
> I have created a custom iso using this patch which works and has the
> correct
> processor. The watchdog I left out because I am trying to just get it to
> work
> first before I add in that feature. I then installed my 3.5 HD in my test
> machine  as the master and installed the iso onto the HD. I then installed
> that
> 3.5 HD into my Net4801 and booted it. I get to the point where it says
> "PCI:
> Probing PCI hardware (bus00)". It just hangs at this point never going any
> further. 
> I was under the impression that the patch I applied fixed 3 issues with this
> one
> patch, is this not the case? Can I not install IPCop by using a second
> machine
> to do the initial install? Should I have made the 3.5 the secondary instead
> of
> the master when I installed the OS on my test system?
> This has all been very fascinating just trying to get to this point if I can
> get
> this to work we are prepared to buy more of these little boxes and the VPN
> Accelerators that go with them. But it is totally dependent on my getting
> this
> to work on our test box.
> I am out of ideas and resources could someone lend me a hand and help me get
> the
> rest of it working?
> Thanks for all the help,
> Jon

This was fixed with the BIOS upgrade from v1.20>1.24>1.26. I don't know if you
have to update in order but I did. The default setting in HyperTerm is to turn
'Hardware Flow Control' on it needs to be set to none.

 So I now have my IPCOP booting on the Net4801 using the 3.5 drive but now I'm
running into module errors but I'm pretty sure that's on the IPCop side so I
will look there. I do have a very rough howto on how to make this almost work.
if anybody is interested.

Thanks for all the help,


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