[Soekris] Updating BIOS on Net4801

jonr@ninestar.com jonr at ninestar.com
Fri Sep 17 21:56:56 UTC 2004

Quoting Jordan Share <jshare at krotus.com>:

> jonr at ninestar.com wrote:
> > I am using HyperTerminal to access my Net4801 and am trying to upload using
> the
> > Xmodem the new BIOS version from v1.20 to v1.24 to v.126. I start the
> download
> > and then start the upload from HyperTerm using the Xmodem protocol. Every
> single
> > time I do this it retries until I get an error stating that the "Error
> limit
> > exceeded". Is there a trick to this?
> You can try:
> download -
> (that is "download" followed by a space, and then a hyphen)
> That uses xmodem/checksum instead of xmodem/crc.  I couldn't get crc to 
> work with TeraTermPro (and had to use checksum), but Dennis Hoshield said 
> that he was able to get crc to work with HyperTerminal.
> Jordan

Thanks for the reply Jordan, I figured it out right before you sent your post
but thanks for the little nugget of info about the '-', I was unaware of that.


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