[Soekris] 30 Soekris net4501 - ONLY $225 includes compatible wifi card, 128mb SD card, special encasing with antenna hole! Value >> $300!

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at starnetworks.us
Sun Sep 12 21:26:31 UTC 2004

David wrote:

> In addition, we have 30 100% compatible wifi cards to use with the
> net4501 (prism 2 chipset). As well as 30 ScanDisk 128mb Secure Digital
> memory that fits into the net4501. We also have 30 custom made metal

I've never heard of this brand "ScanDisk". Do you mean "SanDisk"?

Also, the net4501 does not accept Secure Digital (SD) memory cards at 
all. How do you intend to use these SD cards with the net4501?

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