[Soekris] small battery backup??

Wes wyallison at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 25 20:35:30 UTC 2004

anybody know of an easy to build or cheaply bought circuit that will act as
a batter backup controller. I was looking at a few security systems
yesterday and I notice they all had a small 12V battery. I asked the
security tech and he showed me where I can get them for around 15 buck each.
So I wanted to incorporate them with my soekris boards and I just need a
little circuit that will take the 12 V 1.5 amp input and charge the battery
and switch over when the power goes out. I have cracked open some old
computer backups and the controller is a small little thing and I am not
concerned with it operating under military specs just something that can be
fashioned down at the local radio shack. Any suggestions?



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