[Soekris] Imaging the OS for a 1GB CF

Karel van Houten karel at vhouten.xs4all.nl
Thu Oct 14 16:17:51 UTC 2004

Hi Mike,

Mike Langley wrote:

> I'm trying to find someone who can get me started in the right direction
> on a project I've been asked to take on. We have a customer who wants to
> build a custom entry point on a Soekris net4801 using Fedora Core 2.

If you want to install RedHat / Fedora on a 4801, you might want to look 
at my howto at http://www.xs4all.nl/~vhouten/Soekris.html Fedora is not 
so much different from RedHat 9.
You'll have to take special attention to the last part (that's not yet 
written :-): Use a RAMDisk to store read/write data, and keep the CF 
partition(s) read-only.

> A little history to let you know where I am at with this is that we are an
> MS shop primarily doing .NET work. I was asked to do this since I'm probly
> the only person in the entire company with any Unix/Linux experience all
> be it limited. Anyway....
> I currently have Fedora Core 2 installed on a Dell Latitude C500 laptop
> with a custom install of nothing extra except emacs (just cause I'm used
> to it). I've updated the Kernel to linux-2.6.8-1.521-i386.rpm and will
> install Apache 2.0 for a webserver. It will also have:
> Telnet: for interactive control

I would only activate SSH, no telnet (no inetd too).

> TFTP: This will be for transfering a tar.gz2 image which will contain an
> updated image.

I don't see how you can overwrite the partition you're running from. In 
that case, you might want to build a complete ramdisk-only system, then 
you can install a new image for use at the next reboot.

> HTTP: They say they want it just to verify the machine is up.

Wouldn't snmp be more usefull?

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