[Soekris] Mini-PCI Sound Card

Bruce R. Montague brucem at mail.cruzio.com
Wed Oct 13 18:48:15 UTC 2004

Hi, re:

 > I have seen a couple of discussions about getting sound support on
 > Soekris boards. 

FYI (because it doesn't help your actual current
problem!), the SC1100 CPU used in the net4801 contains 
integrated native audio support (it is an on-chip 
native PCI device). An AC97 codec chip would have  
to be hooked up to about 8 of the lines from the      
SC1100, I guess (these are similar to the GPIO lines.
I know nothing of the hardware interface requirements!
I imagine these pins on the Soekris are not accessible     
and the AC97 would likely have additional requirements...).

The sound support works well (it was originally
included to support a Soundblaster emulator with the
CPU, but Cyrix got sued and lost, I think; but the 
raw hardware is still there). I don't know anything
about the Soekris hardware; it's likely that there's
no way to get to the native audio hardware, but some 
EE hacker might want to look... Perhaps it is something
that can be used at some point.

I wrote a FreeBSD sound driver for this audio hardware.
It worked well on reference platforms; it was used
for some demos.

The driver is available to whoever wants to use it
if they ever have the need:

 - bruce

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