[Soekris] BIOS timer off by an order of magnitude?

Peter Seebach seebs at plethora.net
Wed Oct 13 17:49:02 UTC 2004

In message <E4D6E798-1D3E-11D9-A746-000D93C4B69A at fugue.com>, Ted Lemon writes:
>I've been hacking on the NetBSD PXE boot loader, and one thing that 
>jumped out at me right away is that it doesn't wait before starting - 
>it just launches straight into the boot process.   When I went to debug 
>this, I discovered that the boot loader _is_ actually trying to wait 
>for five seconds for the user to press a key, but the wait only 
>actually lasts for a half second.
>I looked at the code, and I don't see a mistake in it - it counts a 
>second as a million ticks, which is consistent with the documented 
>behavior of the INT 15H timer function - that each tick is one 
>millisecond.   So I think there must be a problem in the BIOS where 
>it's ticking every tenth of a millisecond instead of every millisecond. 
>   This is on a Net4521, by the way, with the 1.26a BIOS.
>Any clues would be much appreciated.

Ditto!  For what it's worth, the only other system I've ever seen this on is
VirtualPC.  Maybe the 4521 is a PowerPC running an emulator?  :P


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