[Soekris] net4801 Case and Features

Stuart Henderson stu at spacehopper.org
Mon Oct 11 09:03:17 UTC 2004

> I'm getting ready to buy a couple of net4801s and have a question
> about the case.  Does the case come with a cut-out hole where the CF
> card could be inserted/removed?  This would be ideal--it would allow
> for quick change-outs of the CF card without dismantling the box.

For many applications, booting over the network (PXE) is just as 
convenient (if not more so) than physically swapping/reprogramming 
CF. Usually all you need is DHCP and either TFTP or NFS on another 

The CF doesn't extend very far beyond the boundaries of the board, 
probably not suitable for external access even with a modified case. 
Some people find it slightly difficult to remove the card once 
installed, if you do find you need to do this often, you might find 
it helps to make a handle for the card (insulating tape works well).

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